Friday, February 12, 2010

The Last Lap

Since my last entry, I am now fully in my third trimester. Yes, the last lap. It feels almost too long now. We have 9 more weeks to go (assuming I give birth at textbook 40 weeks) and I just cannot wait to hold our baby in my arms. I also cannot wait to get some good sleep, if that is even possible with the baby around. The frequent pee trips in the middle of the night is just not fun especially when I take a while to fall back to sleep. I end up waking up late in the day and feeling generally like an "unfun" person.

But having said that, I would give up all sleep to feel the kicks and turns in my belly. I think most expectant mothers will agree that it really nice when the baby kicks. Sometimes I laugh because the way he kicks makes my belly wobble in a way like he is doing the "running man" or the "kway teow" (a dance move coined by my friends, that involves body waves usually done by "ah lians"). And sometimes I squirm because he kicks my sides which is a strange sensation, almost like tickling me from the insides. I guess he is putting his big feet into good use!

The last check up showed that the baby is 1.5 kilograms and I am curious to know how much he has grown since. I am pretty sure I have grown too, much thanks to the festive Chinese New Year coming up and all those pineapple tarts lying around. Talking about it just makes me want to grab some right now!