Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Glass Full

Two more days to the end of my confinement period. The Baby will also be officially one month old! How time flies when you're having "fun". Well, I'm not using the word fun without the inverted commas because honestly, it has been tiring and trying. I don't sleep much at night and barely squeeze in an hour's (if I'm lucky) nap in the day. The rest of the time is spent feeding, changing diapers, cleaning spit ups and putting The Baby to sleep. It can get pretty annoying when he stirs and grumbles the very moment I put him down on the bed. I am fortunate to have my mum help me out but it is quite tiring for her too. She goes to the market in the morning, a chore she insists on doing because the pork in my meals must be fresh. Then she bathes The Baby, cooks my lunch and dinner. In the night she helps with the diaper changing and the pacifying. I'm glad there are only two more days left, so at least she won't have to be so busy with the food preparation.

As mentioned in my previous post, the food hasn't been bad at all. I hardly crave other types of food. I guess that is the good thing about chinese food. You probably can never get sick of it as compared to, say, Italian. You know you are getting old when you say something like that. But I must admit I do think of random food items and they are:

- Peanut butter
- Pineapple
- Durian
- Old school bread ice cream
- Udon soup
- Handrolls
- Salmon sashimi
- Banana Nut Crunch cereal
- Sandwiches from Simply Bread

Out of these items, only 2 are immediately accessible. So on Friday morning, I shall have the cereal and a peanut butter toast. Oh! But not before I treat myself to a large glass of refreshing plain water. Man, I cannot wait! I think my kidneys will be thankful.

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