Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All Bound for Moo Moo Land

I packed away my nursing bras today. The cow has gone home.

Months ago, I would secretly wish for this day to arrive. But it's a kind of bittersweet feeling, I must say. I've always had mixed feelings about breastfeeding. I liked the closeness that I shared with The Baby. I loved how his tiny hands would wrap around my little finger, and how his tiny fingers would intertwine with mine, whenever he nursed. It's all true, the "bond" that magazines and websites and doctors talk about. It's a bond that only you and your baby share. A bond that cannot be replicated any other way. Then there were days where it would be really frustrating. Like when The Baby went on nursing strikes (which led to horrible engorgement) and when he would not cooperate and fight with me under the nursing cover. Or how troublesome and time consuming pumping milk out is. I will not even get started on how unflattering and uncomfortable (most people would disagree on this) nursing bras are! It was just impossible to find the "perfect" nursing bra. Basically, breastfeeding can be rather socially, for the lack of a better word, crippling. Having said all that, I still feel proud to know that I was providing the best thing that The Baby could ever have.

Weaning The Baby off was trying for me. I had mastitis. It sucked because I came down with a fever (low grade, luckily) and body aches. I went to see a doctor who prescribed antibiotics (apparently there is no other choice) so strong that I had an upset tummy after the first dose. It must've killed off all the good bacteria in my gut. For five days I was especially tired and dazed. Didn't help that The Baby still does not sleep through the night coupled with the restlessness caused by possible teething. And the pain from a blocked duct and general engorgement was not fun. I tried cold cabbage and cold compresses but they only provided relief for as long as they stayed cold. But as horrible as the antibiotics were, I'm glad they worked. I just pray that nobody gets mastitis, ever!

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