Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Please Come Daily

I haven't written in a while... thats because I haven't cooked in a while. Not even 123 Sandwiches. But I have been eating though. Eating is good. Eating is fun.

For lunch on Sunday, The Husband and I tucked into Hokkien Mee from our favourite store, Come Daily (天天来) at Toa Payoh. It is probably the best hokkien mee ever. We used to eat it relatively often when we were still dating. His work place was in the area and I would buy dinner up. It feels really good to eat it again after so long. Sinful pleasure, I say.

Unlike a lot of places where you can pick up clumps of egg, the egg in this hokkien mee is evenly spread, so that its in every spoonful. The noodles is just moist enough with generous servings of fresh prawns and squid. I like that the thick bee hoon is used; absolutely dislike it when some stores use the skinny ones. And the chilli.. oh the chilli! Mmm mm! One thing to watch out for is the sneaky lard pieces that were coated with egg. If you're not careful, you might end up eating up those very unhealthy clumps.

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