Wednesday, October 31, 2007

123 Sandwich

Lunch today was a, what I call, 123 Sandwich. Reason being that its super easy to eat and even easier to make. I discovered this recipe one afternoon when I thought I had better finish up the spinach and basil sitting in the fridge. Looking into the cupboard for inspiration, I decided to use that tin of tuna that I conveniently forgot about. I am generally not a fan of tuna fish but I surprised myself with this totally experimental sandwich. The tuna I used today was soaked in mineral water, much cleaner tasting than when I discovered this recipe with tuna soaked in olive oil. I highly recommend the olive oil version because it was really really good but I think the basil was the winning touch. Love love LOVE basil. :D For that extra crunch, add sliced cucumbers!

Topped with a sprinkle of oregano or multi-purpose herbs and a generous dash of black pepper. Mmm mm!

I gave some fish to Sugar because I know she would love it. But I made sure I rinsed off the salt first!

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