Monday, October 15, 2007


We recently moved Sugar (also known as Kitty, Baby Kitty, Sugar Pie, Kitty Cat, Keeni) over to our new place. We've finally moved ourselves and it was time for her to join us too. She seems to be settling in much better this time (we've brought her over once, before we officially moved in); she isnt going and hiding in corners and under the dining chair as much. Then again, it could be the catnip. I've read that it can take a cat up to 6 months to get used to a new environment, and Sugar is one neurotic cat so I was pretty worried. But I am most pleased to see that she is eating fine and poo-ing fine as well. 

I have decided to deny her entry into our bedroom, which The Husband is most concerned about. He keeps asking me why not and where is she going to sleep etc. Even though her cries break my heart every night, its for the better that she sleeps outside. It's nice to have her snuggle up at night, but breathing in her litter dust and fur isn't. So JTB!

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