Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hide and Seek

An episode of drama. It goes a little something like this...

Sigh. Just as I said that Sugar isn't hiding in place anymore, she totally disappeared from sight on Wednesday afternoon. I was on half day leave to receive the repairman for our fridge and I managed to squeeze in doing laundry and other chores. Suddenly, I noticed that Sugar was nowhere around and I started panicking big time when I couldn't find her. My immediate fear was that she had leapt out of the window at the wash area. I had opened it to let natural light in and stupidly forgot to close the door. I couldn't help but imagine the worse because I had a good friend who's cat died aftering falling 10 floors. But I looked out the window several times and found nothing. Phew.

I kept calling The Husband and wanted to scream each time he didn't pick up. But after he found out, he was most quick to call the guards at our place to look out for Sugar. Nothing. Great news!

Still worried and in a daze, I continued to mop the kitchen floor. When I cleaned under the kitchen counter, I thought I heard her bell. 'She's in the cupboard!', I thought and quickly opened it to check. Nothing. At this point I thought I was going mad. Then as I slammed the cupboard door (most grouchily), I heard it again. So I kept slamming the door to get a better listen. Suddenly, out she crawled from UNDERNEATH the cupboard! No wonder she had been so gritty even though I showered her recently. We've since blocked up the gap from UNDERNEATH the cupboard and I put a box there so there is no way she can crawl in again. Sigh.

One silly cat she is. Always pulling such acts that sends me into a frenzy. Yesterday The Husband found her new hiding place. Right ON the top shelf above the cooker hood. So now I have 2 choices: to clean the top, or close the kitchen door... Well of course its easier to clean the top... But it's ok, I will just close the kitchen door.

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