Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Steps

Since my last post, I'd quit my job and have been relaxing and feeling for baby movements. The past 19 weeks has been a great journey and I completely understand now what it means when I hear people say that they "enjoyed" their pregnancy. I am back to wearing more make up, especially eyeliner when I go out; a sign of my mood picking up and finally feeling good about myself again. My skin is at its all time best (aside from those few old blemishes) and I only wish it could last forever! I'm not monitoring my weight gain at home. I know I'm definitely gaining weight so I don't want to stress myself out unnecessarily by obsessing about it. Anyway it is kind of fun to be "surprised" each time I have a weigh in during the doctor's check up. The next appointment is next Friday and I just cannot wait. It has been so long since we last saw the baby on the ultrasound and I am most curious to see what the he's up to.

As my belly grows, I am fitting better into clothes now. Strange, but true! I'm no longer in between now so it is easier to shop for clothes that will accommodate my bump. It's fun to show it off! Dresses are great to be in because they help me stay cool in our horrible weather. And with the unpredictable wet season now, a cardigan will do the trick. Bottoms are a little troublesome; my sister's maternity jeans aren't the best fit (yet) and they droop as I walk. Besides they are of an odd length for me so I would really like to shop for a couple nice pairs.I have not bought much clothes since I found out I was pregnant. I can still squeeze into some of my clothes and my mother went crazy shopping in Thailand recently for stretchy tops for me. I did buy a couple of pretty frocks for The Husband's sister's wedding recently. I think I looked pretty "boomz" in it.

But the items that I am most most pleased with are my brand new sandals. My feet ache very quickly these days and what better footwear to supply me with the correct support than Birkinstocks! Unlike clothes, I can wear them even after birth! And who can resist the limited Disney edition and the pretty sparkly diamante buckles! Highly recommended to shoo off those hormonal mood swings!

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