Monday, December 7, 2009

A Stroll in the Park

We made our first "baby" purchase about 2 weeks ago! Splurged on a Paul Frank Special Collection Bugaboo Cameleon stroller and have been most excited about it! There are 2 designs in this special collection- the Color Blocks design and the Skurvy design. The Color Blocks had Julius the Monkey with well, blocks of colors and the Skurvy design was a dull khaki green with a collage of the cross bones. Obviously we opted for Color Blocks because even though Skurvy was cool, it was a tad bit dark in terms of color and character.

Actually I have been in this state of inertia and was just never in the mood to shop for baby stuff. We had chanced upon this stroller quite a while back but I completely thought nothing of it. It was my sister (who knows all the stroller brands and their pros and cons) who kept asking me what would I like and all I could say was that I wasn't sure because all strollers looked boring and frumpy. She reckoned that I seriously consider the Paul Frank collection because it was unique and fun, plus Bugaboo is a good brand. She suggested that I called the store to check for stock availability and much to my dismay, they have run out of the design that we wanted. The Husband and I visited the store a few days later to explore the other options we had and even left our contact with the staff so that they could call me if they had news of a replenishment. We weren't going to settle with the Skurvy, so when we got home the same day, I started googling for all the distributors of Bugaboo strollers. I called up 3 or 4 stores to check and was beginning to get desperate when all I heard was that they had either run out as well, or had no idea what I was talking about. Finally, I called the last of all distributors and was extremely delighted to be able reserve the one and only piece they had. Later that evening, we paid up in full and arranged for delivery in March next year.

There are so many brands of strollers out there and like a friend mentioned, it can take much time and effort (aside from budget) in choosing one. I believe we made a good purchase. Even though the stroller is pricey, it is kind of a good deal because the Bugaboo Cameleon comes with a bassinet (that is totally flat for babies) and the regular seat for when the child gets older. It may not be the sleekest, but it is easy to assemble and collapse. It is compatible (with an adapter) with the Maxi Cosy car seat which is a hand-me-down from my sister, and it probably won't be slicing off any fingers.

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