Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kick Me

I have been getting kicked a lot these days, and sometimes pretty hard might I add. It isn't painful at all, as most people are curious to know. I am not really sure how I would describe it, but I guess it can be said that each kick feels like a giant gas bubble popping inside your tummy. I suppose you can equate it to the feeling of jabbing the inside of your mouth quickly and hardly with your tongue. The best part is that the kicks can be seen from the outside of my belly and I have managed to capture them on my camera a couple of times. I feel the movements sometimes in the day, after I eat or when I'm swimming. The most is felt at night when I am lying in bed watching television. It is really fun to watch my belly go up and down when it happens!

Recently I have also been experiencing quite a bit of "false contractions" called Braxton Hicks. It's the body's way of practicing and preparing for labour, minus the pain. It's a really weird sensation because sometimes I can feel my uterus shrinking and my abdomen will harden into a lump. I have read in books and websites that it is common to experience Braxton Hicks after 20 weeks but I'm really not sure how much is normal. I wish I had a ob/gyn friend that I can just call and ask these questions. It is really hard to request to speak to the doctor direct and I usually have to wait till the next visit which is at least 4 weeks away. So what I do is I note down all the questions, however silly they may be, and patiently wait for the appointment day. For now I just consult my sister and the books I have by the bed!

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