Friday, December 11, 2009

A Big Head Start

I finally had my check up at 21 weeks (20 weeks and 6 days, to be exact) recently. Lo and Behold! I am a whopping 5 kilograms heavier from my last check up, alright get this, 5 weeks ago! That is a scary kilogram a week! Even the nurse could not believe it and made me take my weight again. Maybe I should seriously rethink not monitoring my weight from home because this shock is not much fun. The doctor advises that I go easy on the carbohydrates (NO!!!) and opt for complex ones instead. Well, it isn't that bad since I already am eating wholemeal and wholegrain stuff. I just am really into Spaghetti Bolognese these days.

So anyway, I had a detailed scan, or anomaly scan, done to check the structure of the baby to ensure that all is good. We are all extremely happy to know that he is a healthy baby with all his parts well and working. The baby is only 418 grams at this point, so yes, the rest is just me. We caught a glimpse of his tiny fingers and toes! They are really long like The Husband's! His head is a little large albeit within the healthy range, just like The Husband too. Of course, when I mentioned this, Ka and Yv laughed but were quick to point out that it means I might have a hard time giving birth to him. Guess the joke is really on me!

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