Monday, March 24, 2008

Aglio Idio Olio

It was Sunday. I was home alone; The Husband had a full day of school. I felt a little more adventurous than most Sundays, plus I had fresh garlic at home. (Yes! I am complete!) Lunch choices at home are always limited. I hardly buy perishables because, well, they perish. Unless I know I am definitely making something, my occasional grocery shopping list typically consists of:

- Florida's Natural Orange and/or Grapefruit juice
- Canned tuna (soaked in olive oil and/or in mineral water only)
- Some sort of salad, like spinach or rocket
- Instant noodles
- Cereal Bars
- Some kind of fruit like bananas, grapefruit or green apples
- I think I just fell asleep

So yes, to have fresh garlic and chilli is indeed very rare. So I set out to make Aglio Olio Pasta con Tonno. English: Olive oil and Garlic Pasta with Tuna. Ok, I am very picky when it comes to tuna, as you might have deduced from my shopping list. I actually sort of hate it. I never ever have tuna sashimi or tuna sandwiches or tuna anything. Which you might have noticed, if you have been following, that it totally contradicts the 123 Sandwich. Basically, I will only eat tuna if I open a can of it myself. It's just one of my idiosyncratic random psycho neurosis obsessive compulsive behavior. Why? What's wrong? I think I am allowed to have a preference. Go ahead and think what you want. I don't care. Leave me alone.

A friend, JT is a huge fan of Aglio Olio pasta. He once told me he can eat it several times in a day. Talk about idiosyncratic random psycho neurosis obsessive compulsive behavior. Just kidding JT! So I sliced up some garlic and heat up the pan with olive oil, threw in the cooked pasta (wholemeal,no less) and breathed in the garlicky aroma in the kitchen. Added in the drained tuna, tossed in some black pepper, bottled herbs and a wee bit of "magic powder". Lastly, fresh spinach gently folded in to prevent over cooking and a sprinkling of my very own basil.

Lunch is served with an Alfred Hitchcock dvd on the side.

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