Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a Sticky Date!

I love a good sticky date. I am referring to the dessert, sticky date pudding. Now, I don't suppose a sticky "date" will be a good thing. Anyway, I digress. We recently had the dessert at Marmalade Pantry and it was pretty good. Didn't exactly hit the spot but I was happy. So far, the best I have tasted is from BROTH, located at Duxton Hill.I think the latter serves up a plenty nice one. Or it could just be the whole romantic ambience that made it perfect. I am just dying to go back there (this is one of the many hints that I throw at The Husband)!

The Husband would take me to BROTH for dinner on our anniversaries. But we were more adventurous last year, besides the fact that it was our first anniversary as "Man and Wife" (cringe). My crave for the sticky date pudding has been insatiable since. I have found the recipe for this dessert and will try my hand at it sometime soon.

Sticky Date Pudding from Marmalade Pantry, Holland Village.

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