Friday, May 9, 2008

Mixed Rice, Filipino Style!

Such an adventure. JT suggested we try Filipino food and even called our colleague to check which floor and restaurant to go to at Lucky Plaza. When we got to the restaurant, which looks more like a cafeteria, we were greeted with a thousand pairs of eyes staring at us like we were aliens. Well, quoting Sting, that makes us legal aliens then. Still unsure of what we were doing, we ordered our dinner of beef, pork, vegetables and an omelet. It's just like "cai png" (loosely translated to dishes and rice in the Hokkien dialect), with some Thai and Malay influenced flavors. Interesting! Oh yes, there were three sauces that accompanied our meal. Unidentified soy based sauce, "banana" sauce and "multi purpose" sauce which tastes like rust, according to JT.

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