Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hungry Hippo

For some reason I'm feeling rather moody today. Just not feeling sociable and irritable. More than anything, I just want to sleep. No.Actually, I want to eat too.

I get hungry really quickly these days. The moment I finish my breakfast, I want my lunch already. I had frozen waffles for breakfast this morning and even though they didn't quite hit the spot, it was good enough. Got to work and had a glass of milk. Bleh.

I just polished off my homemade lunch of stir fried chicken with assorted vegetables and multigrains. Yes, multigrains. I love 'em! Of course Karen feels the total opposite at the supermarket last night. "Yuck. They make your mouth dry", she lamented. They're really yummy, Karen. Maybe I'll cook some for you next time! Wahahah!

So anyway, I resolved to prepare my own lunches from now on so I don't subject myself to the uneccessary salt intake (even though a nice bowl of salty and sour Tom Yam soup sounds awesome!) and questionable freshness of the food at the canteen. Today's meal was quick (if you don't take into consideration the preparations done the night before) and easy to cook! I sliced up the chicken filet and marinated with maggi sauce and over the counter lemongrass seasoning. Pre-cut some broccoli, green beans and carrots and cooked the multigrains. This morning I just stir fried everything in olive oil and garlic. Improvised by adding some fresh orange juice and zest. Subtle but pleasing, might I add! A few drops of sesame oil (what else!) and a teaspoon of oyster sauce.

All I want to do now is lie down, watch some television and just let myself drift off to sleep. But I am at work so that's kind of sucky. I shall think about what to prepare for lunch tomorrow.


adriene said...

wow ! i'm so impressed that you can cook your lunch before you head off to work?! I barely have time to get dressed and pour a cup of coffee down my throat.. haha

House of Lims said...

I surprised myself too! I think because I'm so greedy these days that I psych myself up for whats for lunch so I get motivated to get up and cook. Haha!