Friday, March 19, 2010

Got change?

I am now 36 weeks (officially full term at the end of 37 weeks) and the baby's head is in a downward position. The doctor said that at this point in time, the baby usually will not move back up so there is no risk of him in breech position. However, it looks like it will be unlikely that I will be popping in the next 2 weeks. Great! More time for me to gain more weight! It really isn't funny anymore. I am now at the heaviest I have ever been. I keep telling myself to cut down on the snacks like chocolates and sweet drinks but I end up thinking about them more. Of course I have people like my sister who says that I should just eat whatever I want now, and my mum who thinks I don't eat enough and also The Husband who believes that I don't look like I have all that extra weight at all. I just think he is being really nice. I feel swollen everywhere; my face, my hands and feet. My arms are humongous and I have never had so much cellulite on my thighs. I look at old photos and think, "Really? I looked like that before? I... I had collar bones?" I do miss them.

My body has gone through so much change, some good some bad, and sometimes I forget how it was like before. I guess the worst change would be the weight gain because the others creep in quietly and it's not immediately noticeable until I spot it. Then I'd go, "Hey! where did that come from!" An example would be the pigmentation of my skin. My boobs are kind of splotchy all around (like a really bad uneven tan) and the areolas are really really dark now (Sorry! Too much information). No way the baby will miss it! I also have tiny little mole-like spots sprinkled around my tummy and neck. They don't bother me much actually, just interesting to notice them over time. Even my face seemed a little more freckled than before. Did I mention that my underarms have gone darker too? That's hot. My mum and sister assures me that all this should go away after giving birth.

I am lucky to not have any new stretch marks because I have been very zealous with the application of oils and body creams. I guess it helps that I was not skinny and skin-tight to begin with. Plus my dry skin has forced me for years now, to go through tubs and tubs of creams so the stress of the skin stretching is reduced. Oh and I love my hair now! I began losing lesser and lesser hair as I progressed in my pregnancy. I was losing only 2-3 strands of hair in my second trimester and now, none! My hair now feels luscious with each thickened strand. It even grows faster and my scalp is less greasy than before. So I am most not looking forward to the post-natal hair loss. Definitely does not help that I have to adhere to the old wives' confinement rules of infrequent washing. For best results, don't wash at all!

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