Friday, March 5, 2010

Packed, man.

As I guessed, I have gained another jaw-dropping 4.8 kilograms, of which only the ".8" of it went to the baby! Should've put down that jar of tarts and "bak kwa" before it was too late. So far I have gained a total of 16 kilograms and I hope it doesn't go up anymore! We shall see at my next appointment in a couple of weeks' time.

Time really flies and I am 2 weeks to being full term (i.e 36 weeks) after which I will technically be ready to go anytime from then. We have done my pre-admission to the hospital and I've packed my hospital bag as well. It was then that it really, really sunk in. Well, not that waking up with a huge belly everyday didn't drive the message home enough. But I've been taking it really easy, not feeling the rush to purchasing any baby related items yet (doing so next Tuesday!) So when I do something that is in preparation for the arrival of the baby, I get pushed hard (pun intended) back to reality and I go "Whoa! This is it. This is really happening". I'm excited to be a mother but I am completely freaking out about labour. I really don't know what to expect even after hearing many stories and watching many videos or programs. It makes me wince just by thinking about it. I couldn't even take a really bad leg cramp I had recently!

Actually, I feel like I can give birth anytime now. I have been feeling very heavy lately. My belly is huge and putting quite a bit of strain on my back when I walk or stand too much. Its worse after I eat a big meal. Its horrible because I feel so unfit and unhealthy. I feel clumsy and restricted. I experience great difficulty bending down to pick up things; I have to do so slowly with my legs and knees opened in the most unglamorous manner while reaching out for the item so far away on the ground. Its tough even drying my legs after a shower! I get really breathless climbing up a flight of steps (this is at the speed of a snail). I cannot move around in bed freely, worried that I might pull something or overstrain my belly. I now also hate chairs or seats that have straight (like 90 degrees) backrests and are not couches. It kills my back when I sit on them for too long, which is about the length of a meal time.

Ok I better stop! I sound like a terrible frumpy pregnant woman now.

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