Tuesday, September 22, 2009

California Dreaming

For the first time since I discovered I was pregnant, I was really miserable last Saturday evening. The Husband had to work late but promised that we could still make it for sushi and soba noodles. So when we got to Sushi Tei at Paragon (after an elevator ride with a very strange guy), the kitchen had closed and we made it 2 minutes before last order. There was literally nothing I could eat since the there was no more cooked food, soba noodles included, available. I was starving; I really needed some california maki and just before I reached for a plate on the conveyor belt, I remembered that they were rolled in ebiko (prawn roe) a.k.a raw eggs a.k.a risk of salmonella a.k.a dangerous for baby.

Before I knew it, my hormones took over and I blew my top at The Husband. I wanted to cry but swallowed it all up and settled for eel handrolls and sushi. And I was rudely unfair to The Husband because it was completely not his fault that he had to work. He has been so super supportive and caring so I apologised. I felt horrible, because I have been so easy with food. I don't have much cravings but it would be really really nice to have some california rolls with wasabi and soy sauce. I'm slowly starting to forget how they taste like.

I'm such a drama mama!

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