Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More and More

I am back at work today after a long break. I guess it wasn't much of a break considering I had to pop into the store occasionally and answer calls from my staff then feeling all stressed up. Now that I am sitting in the office, I don't get any phone calls.

I was actually given a week's medical leave last week, then I had to start spotting on the last day of the leave (Saturday) and then the next couple of days. So, paranoid, I made a last minute appointment to see my doctor and was most happy to hear the baby's heart beat as strong as a horse. The baby has grown a cm in a week and yours sincerely has grown a kg too! That's in 7 days. I should be gaining a kg a month! Being at home all week is definitely not a good idea.

We shall see if this is going to be the trend during my appointment next week. Yikes. In the meantime, the baby is 2.25cm as of 8 weeks 4 days. He/She has a more visible head and short fore arms (think Barney) but I doubt my doctor should change jobs to become a photographer because what she shows us on the screen always ends up a blob in the photos.

Although I am not obviously pregnant yet, I am beginning to get more and more bloated especially after my meals. By the end of dinner, I might as well be 6 months pregnant. Apparently, according to books and websites, my uterus the size of a grapefruit now. And the baby is only the size of a grape!

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