Friday, September 18, 2009

The Name Game

I spent the whole afternoon looking through a names book yesterday. I have to say that looking for the perfect name is really hard. You like the sound of a name but the meaning of it may not be the best. And when you really like another name, The Husband doesn't. It's hard. It really is. But we know we are definitely going for classic names. Not old. More like, timeless.

So basically I'm "in charge" of girl names because The Husband already has his list of boy names (specifically one syllable), leaving me little space for any contribution. And thankfully he already has because boy names are extremely boring and uninspiring. :P

Ok, so here is our shortlisted list for boy names (not necessarily in order of preference but it is for me):

- Seth (my contribution and choice!)
- Luke
- Dean
- Keane / Keene

And for girl names (not in order of preference, yet)

- Sage
- Kaelyn / Caelyn
- Kaela / Kayla /Caela
- Colette
- Megan
- Cleo
- Vera
- Viera
- Carrie
- Lyndsey / Lindsey

I actually had Deandra, Daelyn and Deirdre on the list, but after second thoughts, maybe not because they can be difficult to pronounce. I aso had Sophie but our friend's daughter has the same name. I might add Desiree to the list but my sister thinks it sounds old. The Husband approves and added that the name invokes an image of a tall, beautiful, tanned girl dressed in her school uniform and who everybody likes. I told him he just made the name sound perverted.

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