Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ruler of Me

I had to go for a blood test yesterday for toxoplasmosis because I have Kitty at home. I hate having my blood drawn. The anticipation of resting your arm on the cushion, the I-want-to-look-but-not moment, the swiping of the alcoholic swab that leaves a tingling feeling on the skin. And then, prick! and your whole arm goes weak. I have to go through this a couple more times after my first trimester. Yikes!

So after getting my blood drawn, I went for my check up and phew! I didn't grow a kg but went down one on the contrary. Finally! I got to see the baby again. Yipee! He/She has grown yet nearly another cm to a whopping 3.09cm. And when the doctor was scanning, he/she was moving and waving his/her arms about. I tried not to cry but at the moment, it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

All is good, with the umbilical cord forming, an indication that the placenta is well on its way as well. But I'm generally still quite weak, getting headaches and feverish sometimes. The doctor has given the okay on taking panadol but so far it has been bearable. She was pretty funny to say that I really don't have to bear with it.
I've decided to take more time off work and really get by the first trimester smoothly. One too many spotting scares. I went into the office today and quickly felt unwell again. As the The Husband said, it's just not worth it. :)

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