Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I 8 Jagabee

I'm on medical leave for the rest of the week because I recently had a case of threatened miscarriage. Sigh. I had some light spotting on Sunday evening and although I cannot pinpoint what caused it, there is a high possibility that it was from the swimming (meaning exercising the first time after 5 months) I did on Saturday, even though I was really slow. Guess I won't be exercising for the next month (yipee!) or so.

I am 8 weeks today! The baby has grown so much from 0.24cm to 1.28cm (as at 7 weeks 4 days). We heard the heart beat for the first time and I could feel my eyes well up just a little bit. The entire ging-gang of my mum and sister plus her sleeping kids were in the room and I probably would feel very embarrassed if I cried. I thought it was pretty funny that The Husband kept saying "cool" in response to the heart beat. I cannot wait till the next appointment!

I don't reckon being at home now is a good idea because I don't have much to do (which is essentially the idea of medical leave) so all I am thinking of now is FOOD. For lunch today, I am thawing out a piece of salmon and I am probably going to make some pasta with it. Right now, I, oh I mean the baby really wants to eat Calbee's Jagabee fries. Now, I don't normally endorse junk food, but these thick cut fries are not too salty and tastes awesome! I first tasted them at P & A's place during a mahjong session but never thought much of them. Then ended up buying Jagabee from Watson's in the evening yesterday after being very tempted to have some potato chips at home (not good idea to be home at all).

Hmm. I think I might take a walk to Watson's later. Oh, I really need the exercise anyway!


adriene said...


shall buy me some. yum..

House of Lims said...

Hey! I didn't think anyone would be reading my entries but myself. Hahah.

Jagabee ROCKS! Thanks to you and Peter. :P